The face is one of the most important and expressive part of a manga character. That’s why today we are going to learn how to draw manga faces. In order to do that, we’re going to watch a couple of pictures of various types of manga faces, then learn the basics from a couple of guides and in the end, watch some videos of experts doing what they know best: drawing manga faces.

    Now, there are as many manga faces types as human’s face expressions: countless. The images below show only a few of them, but remember, you can learn how to draw faces expressing almost everything: from sorrow till happiness.

     Lots of manga faces - learn how to draw them

    Funny manga faces

    The pictures above came from artists on Deviantart. But you can learn to draw manga faces as they do, if you’ll read the guides bellow and watch the videos.

    Draw manga face – side view

    Draw a circle for your character’s head. Cut it in 4 quarters with two guidelines. On the front part you’ll draw the face, on the back one the hair.

    Manga face - profile

    Now, split the front part in two with a vertical line, like in the picture. You can then see how the eyes and the face elements should be placed. On the back part you’ll then have to draw ears and later on, hair.

    Manga face – front view

    Every face starts with some kind of circle. You already know that from our previous guides. But there are different types of faces, some rounder, other oval, as you can see in the picture below.

    Manga face - 3 types of faces

    In manga drawing, you have to know from the beginning what kind of face will you draw and plan the face elements position accordingly. As you see in the picture, for a oval face, the elements are situated with a greater horizontal gap between them but tighter on a vertical plan. While, on a round face, the elements are kind of grouped together. These are just basic rules, cause in manga it’s all about experimenting and letting your hand free. And practicing a lot.

    In the end, we have a couple of videos. These guy has quite a skill in drawing manga faces and i hope you’ll be able to learn a couple of things from them.

    Draw a manga face from profile

    How to draw different facial expressions

    Draw a manga face line by line

    If you think all these resources are not enough, then perhaps you should check out these books below made by some of the best manga drawing artist in the world. They are printed and distributed by Amazon and come for very good prices. Check them out below:

    That’s it for today. If you enjoyed this guide, remember that we also wrote about how to draw manga hair and manga eyes earlier. And stay tuned, cause this how to draw manga faces guide is not the last of the series, more will be coming shortly.