Learn how to draw GaaraContinuing the series of How to draw Naruto characters, today is time for Gaara of the Desert. We have a quick 6 steps tutorial that should not be too hard for you to understand.

    First, take a look at Gaara’s pic from the show (on the right) to know exactly what are we trying to draw here. If you’re interested, you can find more wallpapers and details about Gaara here.

    And now, let’s proceed with the guide:

    Step 1: Start off by drawing the forehead and the face lines. Make some additional thin guides to help you place face elements later on.

    Step 2: Draw the nose and the mouth and continue drawing the face line till it’s completed. Now sketch the ear.

    Gaara drawing guide - steps 1-2

    Step 3: Draw two guiding lines: a straight one for the eyes, to make sure they will be at the same level, and a curved one above the head to help you draw Gaara’s hair. Now sketch the eyes and start working on its fringe. Draw the neck lines.

    Step 4: Finish the hair and add some details to the ear. Now, start drawing the body and the clothes your character wears.

    Gaara drawing guide - steps 3-4

    Step 5: Erase all the helping lines. Now, we get to the details. Gaara has two distinctive tattoo marks: a big red sign on his forehead and eyes surrounded by some kind of black make up or something. Make sure you put these in your drawings.

    Step 6: Coming to the final step, all you have to do now is add what can be seen of Gaara’s backpack and some shadows.

    Gaara drawing guide - steps 5-6

    That was about and now you’ve learned how to draw Gaara fo the Desert. Wasn’t that hard, was it? Now start practicing till you get perfect and stay tuned for our other Naruto characters drawing guides to come.