How to draw naruto

    After you’ve learned how to draw most of the Naruto characters, it’s now time for the lead character in the series: Naruto himself. It’s kind of a difficult figure to sketch, mostly because of  his face expression and  funky hair, but hey, you’ll manage.  Particularly since the guide is very thorough and yet simple, having no more then 6 easy steps.

    So let’s get going:

    Step 1: Start by drawing a big circle for the head and some guidelines for the face elements, that are going to help you later.

    Step 2: Sketch a bigger circle above the previous one, that will act like a guide for the hair. Naruto has a head protector so sketch this one too.

    Step 3: Using the guides sketched at step 1, draw Naruto’s eyes, ears and nose. Then, try to sketch his clothes, using a real photo from the series as a model.

    How to draw naruto - steps 1-3

    Step 4: Draw Naruto’s hair and finish the head protector. Make the face lines permanent with a pen or a marker.

    Step 5: Focus on the face. Add details to the eyes and ears, add eyebrows, etc.

    Step 6: Finish the clothes and then erase all the helping guidelines sketched before. You’re almost ready. Now you just have to add some shadows and maybe some color to your Naruto drawing.

    How to draw naruto - steps 4-6

    That’s it? Wasn’t that hard, right? Now go practice, cause I’m looking for your replies.