Today I’m going to show you something a little different than our usual drawing tutorials.  As me and Mike, both witnessed one awesome Metallica concert a few days ago, with the lead singer on great form, I thought I would post a tutorial on how to draw James Hetfield. To start it off, here is a photo of James, so all of us can have a clear picture of who we are aiming to draw.(Photo credits go here)

    Learn to draw James Hetfield

    When attempting to draw an actual person, one must have in mind that it can be a very tricky and complex undertaking, so I’ll make it as easy as possible. Putting up a step by step guide, using pictures would take up too much of your time and would be too difficult to follow, but a video presentation should be just right.

    The first video I want you to see is both complex and fast, so get your pencils and enjoy.

    There are two more videos I want to show you. The first one is the easiest way  you can use to draw James Hetfield, in a sketchy and simple manner, by clicking this LINK. The second one is a really detailed version of our tutorial, from which you can learn a lot of things about detailed human faces.

    I hope you have enjoyed our video tutorial on how to draw Metallica singer James Hetfield and that you will be back later next week for more guides on how to draw celebrities.