How to Draw KakashiWe are going to learn how to draw Kakashi Hatache, the leader of Team 7 in the Naruto anime series. It won’t be so hard, as our lesson contains only 6 steps.

    Kakashi Hatache is the one who trains all the famous characters from the series, like Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, etc. You can learn how to draw them from our previous guides here on How to draw Guide. Drawing Kakashi might prove to be difficult for a beginner, as there are lots of elements to take into consideration. But hopefully, our guide will teach you just what you need to draw Kakashi.

    How to draw Kakashi in 6 steps (sketches from TooTaa18)

    Step 1: Start by sketching the face lines. Draw two guidelines that should help you position the eyes and nose later on. Notice that Kakashi wears a head protector just on his forehead, so sketch this one too.

    Step 2: Draw the eyes, nose and eyebrows. Also, draw Kakashi’s ears and add some details to them. You don’t have to draw a mouth, as it is covered by the mask Kakashi always wears.

     How to draw Kakashi - steps 1 and 2

    Step 3: Draw the mask on Kakashi’s face and complete the lines for his head protector. Sketch the neck and start drawing the clothes.

    Step 4: Finish the clothes. Add some details to them. Now focus on the hair. Just watch several Kakashi pictures from the show before you start drawing, as its hairstyle is kind of weird and might be a challenge for the drawer.

    How to draw Kakashi - steps 3 and 4

    Step 5: Complete the hair and the head protector. Come back to Kakashi’s eyes and add the missing details. Don’t forget about his scar across the left eye.

    Step 6: Your sketch is almost complete. All you have to do know is add some shadows to give the drawing more depth. That’s it, your Kakashi should look like the one in the sixth picture. Does it? If not, keep practicing. If yes, congrats.

    How to draw Kakashi - steps 5 and 6

    That wasn’t so hard, was it? Feel free to post links to your tries of drawing Kakashi or any other feedback you might have.