I’m going to write a lot more about how to draw anime characters in the next weeks, but for now, here’s a short guide with the basic stuff you’ll need to know before proceeding into this domain.

    You’re going to need some pencils, paper, coloured pencils, markers and a rubber. And the knowledge:

    • use a pencil and don’t make permanent lines until the end, as lots of things might need to be modified in the process
    • when drawing an anime character, always start with the face: begin with a circle, then start adding elements
    • anime characters usually have very large eyes, so take this into consideration when drawing your own model. The eyes will differ on whether the character is female or male, evil or good, sad or happy, etc
    How to draw Anime basics

    • sketch the proportions of the face until it becomes as realistic as it can
    • draw hair. In anime, hairstyle is very important, as most of the prominent characters are known mainly for this aspect. The hair is usually drawn in strands or clumps, with shading elements between
    • add clothing to your anime character. Clothes also should look as natural as possible. This might be a little harder at the beginning, but in time you’ll learn to perfect your anime drawing skill
    • Make the previous lines permanent with a marker or something. Add color to your character.

    That’s it. Now go practice, as you can say you know the very basics on how to draw anime characters.