Hey everybody! Today I’m going to show you how to draw a star, using a quick 3 step guide that will get you there in no time. A basic 5 corner star is our goal and we’re gonna achieve it in just a couple of minutes.

    Learn to draw this star

    Now that we had a look at our 5 corner star, let’s get drawing!

    Step 1: We will start by drawing the letter V upside down, as seen in figures 1 and 2 bellow. Make sure you don’t lift your pencil off the paper until the drawing is finished.

    Step 2: Now draw a straight line upward from where you left off and then continue with an horizontal line, from left to right(figures 3 and 4). Remember not to lift your pencil from the paper.

    Step 3: All that is left to do is unite the point we are in now to the starting point of our star, by a straight line downward, as seen in figure 5.

    If you don’t wish to keep the lines in the middle, now you can erase them, as our 5 corner star is finished. The image used in this guide was originally posted here. Now let’s have a look at a few videos and see what more we can learn from them, about drawing a star.

    I think we have shown you all there is to know about this simple drawing. Hoping that you enjoyed our 3 step guide on how to draw a 5 corner star, I invite you to return to our website in the following days, because there will be more great drawing tutorials and something special waiting for you, later this week.