Draw the mighty wolfWolfs are so fierce and cool animals that I’m sure lots of you want to know how to draw them, right?

    That’s why we have here a 6 steps quick tutorial that should help you draw a wolf’s head. But we’ll be working on another tutorial soon enough to show you how an entire wolf should be sketched, so be sure to stay tuned.

    For now, let’s just jump to the guide.

    Step 1: Start by drawing a couple of guidelines: a big circle for the head cut by two lines: one for the eyes of the wolf and one that will help you draw the wolf’s snout.

    Step 2: Start sketching the wolf’s head like in the picture.

    Step 3: Continue drawing the shape of the head using the guidelines

    Draw wolf's head : steps 1- 3

     Step 4: Focus on the wolf’s ears and draw them. Make sure they are placed naturally, exactly where they should be. Draw lines for where the jaw bone and the wolf’s shoulder should be.

    Step 5: Sketch the eyes and the nose of your wolf.

    Step 6: Draw the mouth and feel free to add details and shadows to your sketch in order to accentuate the ears, eyes and the fur of your wolf. That should be it. You can then delete the guidelines and add some color if you want to.

    Draw wolf's head : steps 4 - 6

    Pretty simple, right? This guide that teach you how to draw a wolf’s head was brought thanks to TripletNR2.