Learn to draw a puppyWe all love puppies, don’t we? That’s why today I’ve put up together a small guide on how to draw puppies. We’re going to have a step by step lesson and then a couple of videos.  All of them should teach you at least the basics of drawing a little puppy.

    We also had before another lesson on how to draw a cartoon dog, perhaps you would want to check that out too.

    That being said, enough with the small talk; get your paper and pencil ready and let’s get drawing. Do you see the big puppy picture bellow? That’s what you’re going to learn in the step by step guide.

    This is the puppy you're going to learn to draw

    First steps: draw sketch-lines for you puppy’s framework

    Start by drawing two circles: a bigger one for the head and a smaller one for the body of your puppy. Draw a slight-left curved cross over the big circle, that’s going to help you position face elements. It’s left curved because, as you can see in the picture above, the face of your puppy is turned right a little bit. Finally, sketch the neck , legs and tail.

    Draw the puppy - step 1

    Second step: draw the head

    Draw two big eyes in the top corners of the cross drawn at step 1 like you can see in the picture. Then draw the big nose and the years. Add the top of the head and focus on the mouth. The picture bellow will show you better what you have to do in order to get this puppy look as it should.

    Draw the puppy - step 2

    Final step: Draw the body and add finishing details

    In this final step you have to focus on the body: draw the legs, tail, neck, etc. And finally finish those big eyes that make a puppy drawing so expressive. And that’s it. I’m sure you’re drawing looks like the one in the pic, right?

    Draw the puppy - step 3

    The pictures for this step by step guide came from here.

    And like i said before, you can also find two videos. Watch them carefully, i believe they’ll show you a couple of things about drawing puppies too.

    Video 1 – Learn to draw a puppy

    Video 2 – Learn to draw a small dog

    And that’s about it for today. I hope you loved our lessons and really learnt how to draw a puppy. Remember, all you have to do is keep practicing. And stay tuned for all the guides to come on this site in the following weeks. 😉