Learn to draw a catIt’s been a while since our last drawing guide, but now we’re back, and today we’ll learn together how to draw a cat. We’re going to focus more on cartoon cats, but drawing a real cat should be somehow similar.

    We’re going to have a step by step guide first, and then a couple of videos, some for beginners and some for the more advanced drawers. So, in the end all these should help you draw a cat as you want it.

    Now, there’s nothing much to say before we’ll move one, so let’s just get drawing that cat.

    The step by step guide

     Draw a cat - steps 1- 3

    First, you start by drawing a guideline like in the picture above: an oval and a cross over it. That will help you draw first the shape of the head and then the face elements. But before drawing those elements, you should place you cat’s years. Then, wotk on the mouth, tiny nose and eyes.

    Draw a cat - steps 4 - 6

    You should get something like in the first picture above. Now it’s time to continue with the body. Draw an oval just under the head and continue it with a carrot shaped sketch like above. Now, you’ll also have to draw the unseen parts of the body. As you can see in the third picture from the ones above, it’s that peared shaped thingy.

    Draw a cat - steps 7- 8

    Now, with the help of those guides, draw the legs of your cat, and don’t forget about the tail… Finally, you just have to color your drawing.

    You should get something like the last cat in the picture above. If you didn’t, just keep trying. And that’s about it with our step by step how to draw a cat guide (with pictures coming from here)

    And now, let’s take a look at a couple of videos.

    This first one teaches you how to draw a cat on your computer, with the help of Photoshop.

    And this second one shows you how to draw a cat on paper, the plain classic method 😛 But it’s meant for small kids only.

    And … that’s about it. Hopefully this was helpful for you and you learned something about drawing cats. Just keep practicing and you’ll get better at it.