Leanr how to draw a frog

    We are going to learn today how to draw cartoon frogs. Should not be that hard as all of you know how a frog should look: a green tiny thing with big eyes and skinny legs.

    We’re going to have a quick 4 steps how to draw a frog guide, and then a couple of videos. So let’s start learning how to draw a frog. In this quick guide we’re going to learn how to draw our frog step by step. The red lines represent the things you have to draw on each current step, while the grey ones are were drawn before. That’s only to make this how to draw a frog guide easier for you to understand.

    Step 1: First draw a apple shape form for the body of the frog. On top of it put two small circles for the eyes and sideways, add two oval shapes for the legs.

    How to draw a frog - step1

    Step 2: Work on the legs. Add the back feet and draw two lines across the oval shapes draw before in order to suggest that the back legs are bended. Also draw the arms of the frog.

    How to draw a frog - step 2


    Step 3: Complete the arms, eyes, mouth and add a couple of spots on your frog’s body.

    How to draw a frog - step 3

    Step 4: Finally, you could add some shapes or color your frog. We choose to color it and here’s what we ended with.

    How to draw a frog - step 4

    The pictures on this guide we’re originally posted here. Now, let’s see how a couple of videos can teach us about drawing a frog.

    Video 1 – draw a cartoon frog

    THat’s about it for today. I hope you enjoyed out little guide here and really learn something about how to draw a frog.