Hello all. It’s now time to learn how to draw Spongebob with two step by step guides. One it’s pretty small and easy, with just 4 steps, while the other is more comprehensive, with 21 different steps. Both should help you learn the basics of drawing Spongebob and then you’ll just have to practice different hypostases, like the ones in the pictures bellow (from here)

     Learn to draw Spongebob
    Learn to draw Spongebob with step by step guides

    But let’s just get drawing and start with the easy guide.

    Step 1: Draw a cubish shape, slightly bended towards the back and add helping guidelines over it like in the picture below. They will help you position face elements and clothes on your future to be Spongebob drawing. Make these lines with a pencil so you’ll be able to delete them later on.

    Draw Spongebob - step 1
    Step 1

    Step 2: Add arms and legs to your character. Don’t forget to sketch the shoes. And then focus on the face, by drawing those big eyes Spongebob has, the nose and the big mouth, with the two teeth you all know from the cartoons.

    Draw Spongebob - step 2
    Step 2

    Step 3: Time to draw the clothes: tie, pants, belt, shirt and socks. All these should be placed like in the picture bellow. And later on, the details: eyelashes, pupils, etc . And finally, don’t forget about the spots.

    Draw Spongebob - step 3
    Step 3

    Step 4: And we’re almost done. In this final step you’ll have to delete the helping guidelines drawn at step 1and add shadows and details (or even color) to your Spongebob sketch. And that’s about it. You drawing should look like the one below. Does it?

    Draw Spongebob - step 4
    The result

    Very good if it does. And if doesn’t just give it another try, you’ll get it right eventually 😉 Pictures from the guide above came from here .

    Also, there’s another guide, the complex one i was talking in the beginning. It’s only a picture (from here), but all the steps are quite simple and self explanatory (click the image bellow for the bigger version).

    Learn to draw Spongebob

    And that’s about it for today. We’re not going to have any videos of how to draw Spongebob today, as we only focused on step by step guides, but stay tuned, we’re preparing another guide with Spongebob characters (Squidward, Gary, Patrick, Plankton, etc ), that should be online in the next couple of weeks. Till then, keep practicing your Spongebob sketching and don’t forget to share your results with us.