We all know who SpongeBob is. And today we are going to find out how to draw it. All it takes is a pencil, a good eraser and lots of patience. Just have these, follow the instructions bellow, and everything will work out just fine.

    1. Draw a rectangle; make sure it is not too long. Sketch lightly a maybe curved cross that goes about a quarter in..
    2. Erase the edges of the previous square and make it bumpy.
    3. Draw two wide, circle eyes – The eyes must be colored white, and the 2 small circles inside should be black. The circles around the small black circles should be blue.
    4. Draw a long, slim stick which increases ever so slightly in width for the nose. The nose has to be in the center.
    5. Draw a mouth connected to the nose, which is black with a red tongue. Make sure you have two quite noticeable bumps for his cheeks, with three red dots on them.
    6. Draw two buck teeth and color them white.
    7. Draw square pants with thin, black rectangles going across the waist (4), draw a collar with a tie. Color the pants in brown, the shirt white and the tie red. At the very bottom, draw two rectangles sticking out from underneath which will be the pant legs.
    8. Draw sleeves, which should be located slightly above the middle of his body,and should be in the shape of a fourth of an oval.
    9. For hands, draw two perfect circles, which will be the palms, and then draw what you did for the nose – a slim stick that is slightly wider at the ends.
    10. Draw two legs that have characteristics just like the arms, poking out from the two pant legs. Draw socks with 2 lines on them, and black shiny shoes.
    11. Add Spongebob’s holes, these are a darkish yellow-green. On your right side, there are 3 holes: one big at the top, and at the bottom there is one big hole followed by a smaller one. On the left side, there is a big and a small hole on both the top and bottom.

    Source: HowtoWiki