This is a short lessons showing you how to draw a basic penguin. So get your pen and paper, cause we’re getting started.

    Fist of all, a penguins look like a big egg with feet and tiny arms (wings) So, we’re going to start by drawing two circles: a big one and a smaller one on top. Then connect them like in the picture.

    The upper circle will be your penguin’s head. Next, draw a center line down the middle of your egg. This will help you position the parts of the penguins body.

    Draw the eyes and the peak of the penguin like in the picture below.

    How to draw a penguin

    Now you’re ready to learn how to draw the feet. They are basically like triangles with curved edges. It shouldn’t be that hard.

    Time to position the arms. They should be placed between those two circles you draw earlier. We’ve chosen to draw a straight arm and a bent one. But you can draw them however you want to. Just remember to position them properly on your penguin’s body. 

    Finally, draw the tummy patch of your penguin, from the peak down to its feet, like in the picture.

    How to draw a penguin

    All the lines above have been guide lines. It’s time now to draw the detailed lines, erase those extra helping lines that should not appear in the final drawing and add some color to your penguin.

    How to draw a penguin

    That’s it. The how to draw a simple penguin guide showed you how to draw a very simple penguin in just a couple of steps. There are some other penguin models you could inspire from in your drawings on Club Penguin, so make sure you check them out.