Cupid. The little bastard with his love spreading arrow. We all know cupid, right? I know I’m a little late, as Valentine’s Day was a couple of weeks ago, but hey, wouldn’t you like to know how to draw a nice looking Cupid? I bet you do. So here we go. We have the model right here.

    How to draw cupid

    Drawing cupid – the basics

    You start by drawing two circles, one for the head and one for the body. Than sketch the legs and draw two more big ovals for the wings of your cupid. Think about where the arms of your cupid should go, and consider that  one arm should hold the big love bow. Now sketch that arm and the bow. Draw the other arm along the Cupids body and place an arrow in it. That’s it with the basic stuff.

    Drawing cupid – get into the details

    Let’s go back to the circle representing the head. Draw the eyes, nose and the hair of your character just the way you imagine them. Remember, Cupid is just a chubby kid after all. Focus on the arms and draw the muscles, fingers and position them in suitable ways.

    Now the wings. Drawing the wings is an important step in the process of drawing your Cupid. The two big circles drew before will now get all the details needed, getting a wing shape, with feathers and all.

    Hmm, what’s next? The legs, of course. Don’t forget about them.

    Drawing cupid – the final steps

    All you have to do now is gett over the sketch with a marker or a pen and draw the final lines. You can after this erase all the lines left during the process, so your Cupid Drawing would look sleek and clean. In the end, you can always add some colour, or keep it black and white if you think this way your creation is more expressive.

    That concludes our learn how to draw Cupid Guide. Now, go practice! Go!! 😛 Oh, and here’s a short movie that might really help you in the process of drawing your own Cupid.