Learn to draw BatmanToday we’re going to learn how to draw the legendary hero from Gotham city: Batman himself. This might not be as easy as you think, as the Dark Knight is quite a difficult character to draw. But, in the end, hopefully your sketches will look like the one on the right (source). That would be great, ay?

    Fist, we’re going to start with a step by step guide and then we’ll continue with a couple of videos. And in the end, stay tuned for the bonus.

    But for now, get your paper and pencils ready and let’s draw!

    Draw Batman - step 1

    Step 1: Sketch the basic skeleton of your batman character just as you can see in the first picture above: the arms and legs, torso, head and the cloak.

    Step 2: Complete the cloak. Draw the upper part of the legs like in the picture, add the belt and the horns Batman has on his head mask.

    Draw Batman - step 3-4

    Step 3: Work on the lower part of the legs by drawing the boots and calves. Then work on the torso, adding muscles and details to that belt drawn at step 2. And finally add more details to the cloak.

    Step 4: Work some more on the cloak. In this guide, you’ll have to keep adding details to the cloak till the end. In fond, what will Batman be without it 😛 Anyway, after that, work on the bat symbol on the chest. Try to make it look like in the picture above. And you’re almost done…

    Draw Batman - steps 5-6

    Steps 5-6: Well, this is how your Batman should look like, both black and white or in colors 😛 One more thing: the pictures in this guide came from here.

    And now, the videos as i promised. These should also help you learn a couple of things about drawing Batman.

    First, a video with only the head, meant for beginners.

    And then, one a little more advanced, where you learn how to draw the entire body of the Dark Knight.

    And finally… the bonus: an amazing video showing you how to draw the Joker character interpreted by the late Keith Ledger. You definitely have to see this one.

    That’s about it for today. Hopefully you’ve learned a couple of things about drawing Batman. And, with a little bit of practice, you’ll get even better.

    Don’t forget to leave us feedback on this "how to draw Batman guide" and stay tuned for more guides in the near future.