Yoda, the nine hundred years old Jedi Master from Star Wars, is one of the most loved characters of the series. That’s why today we are going to find out how to draw Yoda. But first, a couple of words about him. 

    Draw master Yoda

    Being a protecor of the Force his entire life, Yoda was part of the Jedi high Council back in the days of the republic. He struggled to fight against the rise of the Drak Force followers, but was defeated in combat by Lord Sidious and his new disciple: Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader. After that, he retreats to the far away planet of Dagobah, waiting for the one who will restore balance to the Force and defeat the Emperor: Luke Skywalker.

    But now let’s get to drawing. We don’t have a step by step draw guide of Master Yoda here today, but you can find a pretty good one right here. But we do have a couple of great videos that should teach you exactly what you need to know about drawing Yoda.

    Video 1 – draw yoda with a black pencil

    Video 2 – draw Yoda in colors

    That’s about it. Now let’s get practicing, as practice is the only way to learn how to draw Master Yoda like the guys in these videos do.