Hinata from Naruto

    Hinata Hyuuga is one of the characters from the Naruto anime series, and we are going to learn how to draw her today. But first, some words about her.

    Starting like a character who lacks self-confidence and is unwilling to fight, Hinata advances through the series, becoming quite a skilled ninja, especially in the end, after she manages to create a pair of blades of chakra that allow her to attack and defend in the same time. Hinata has a crush on Naruto, although she doesn’t admit it, a crush to which Naruto is completely oblivious. 

    Now, let’s get to drawing. We are going to have two parts, one with a drawing guide explained on steps, and then one with a couple of videos from skilled anime drawers. They all should learn you how to draw Hinata from Naruto.

    How to draw Hinata in 7 steps (thanks to TooTaa18)

    Learn to draw Hinata - steps 1 and 2

    Step1: Draw a couple of primary lines for the face and two vertical guiding lines to help you place the eyes and nose in the right place

    Step2: Add the ear and draw the nose, mouth and two lines for where the eyebrows should be

    Learn to draw Hinata - steps 3 and 4

    Step3: Draw two guiding lines to make sure the eyes would be placed on the same level. Then draw the eyes and complete the eyebrows. Now complete Hinata’s head. This last line will be deleted later.

    Step4: Sketch Hinata’s hair. Study some of her pictures to see how it should look.  Draw some helping lines for her body.

    Learn to draw Hinata - steps 5 and 6

    Step5: Add details to the hair and erase all the helping lines drawn before.  Start sketching her clothes.

    Step6: Add some details to Hinata’s eyes and clothes. Draw the Head protector she usually wears around her neck. Draw two guide lines to help you draw the glow in her hair.

    Step7: Draw the glow in her hair. Add some more details if you want. And finally, add some shadows. Tadaaa! Your Hinata sketch is complete. You can also add some colour if you want to.

    Learn to draw Hinata - completed draw

    Also, here are a couple of videos with some skilled drawers in action. You can learn a lot about drawing Hinata from their actions.

    Video 1 – How to Draw Hinata with a black pen

    Video 2 – How to Draw Hinata with a pencil