Today we’re going to focus on another character from the Naruto series: we are going to learn how to draw Sakura. We’ll have a drawing guide in steps and then some videos. All of them should be very helpful.

    If you want to find out more about Sakura, then just go have a look at this list of Naruto characters. Cause we’re going straight to business… aaa drawing.

    Sakura - How to draw Sakura

    Learn to draw Sakura in 7 steps (thanks again to TaaToo18)

    Step 1: Start by drawing some primary lines for the face and two vertical guidelines for the nose, mouth and eyebrows

    Step 2: Complete the face lines and draw the mouth, nose and two lines for the eyebrows

    How to draw Sakura - steps 1 and 2

    Step 3: Draw the eyes (use a guideline to be sure they are on the same level) and complete the eyebrows. Draw the ear and complete Sakura’s head so you can later on draw her hair as it should be.

    Step 4: Sakura’s hairstyle is a little special. She has two symmetrical locks, so you should start by drawing them. Then draw the back of her hair, but be careful as it should be shorter than the locks. Sketch some body lines.

    How to draw Sakura - steps 3 and 4

    Step 5: Erase all the helping lines you drew before. Add some details to Sakura’s face and start drawing the clothes.

    Step 6: Draw the clothes and add details to them. Then go back to the hair: add some details and draw Sakura’s head protector

    How to draw Sakura - steps 5 and 6

    Step 7: Add some more details to your drawing and some shadows. That’s it. Your Sakura drawing is now complete and should look like in the picture bellow. Does it?

    How to draw Sakura - completed sketch

    And the videos from some skilled Sakura drawers. Are you able to do what they do?

    Video 1 – A modern version of Sakura, in colours

    Video 2 – How to draw Sakura in MS Paint