Sasuke UchihaBack to the drawing board. Today we’re going to see how to draw Sasuke Uchiha. Actually, this week we’re going to focus entirely on Naruto, as the show has grown huge and lots of you want to know how you can draw the characters from there, like Sasuke, Sakura, Katake, etc.

    For those of you not knowing who Sasuke Uchiha is, i added these extra lines: Sasuke is a member of the Uchiha clan, whom he joined in order to revenge the destruction of his clan. He is cold and very quite, and has the habit of making Naruto the object of his ridicule and insults. That’s why Naruto is often annoyed with him and considers him his rival. With a struggling past, Sasuke is a very interesting character. His special techniques are “Barrage of Lions” and “Fire Styles” jutsu. (more info about Sasuke)

    First of all, for a fifteen steps guide, you should go to this link. But if you want to see how professionals do it, stay tuned. We have a couple of videos from some skilled guys. All they use in their drawings are pencils, rubbers and paper. Seems easy, ay? But it ain’t, cause thanks to his mysterious eyes and crazy hair style, drawing Sasuke might become a nightmare.

    But hey, watch the videos, study what are the guys there doing, and then try copying their style.

    First video – Draw Sasuke with a number 3 pencil

    Second video – Drawing Sasuke with shading

    Don’t hesitate to post feedback or links to your drawings of Sasuke Uchiha.