How to draw Itachi UchihaIt’s now time to learn to draw Itachi Uchiha from the Naruto anime series. After you’ve learned how to draw Orochimaru, it’s now time for another villain: Itachi, Sasuke’s evil brother.

    We have a 9 steps pretty thorough guide, so it will require lots of practice from you in order to learn how to draw Itachi properly.

    You can find more info, pictures and wallpapers about this mysterious character responsible for the death of almost the entire Uchiha clan here, cause we’re going to jump straight to the drawing guide now.

    Step 1: Start by drawing Itachi’s head protector lines. From there, continue with the face and chin. Draw two guidelines for the face elements, like in the picture.

    Step 2: Continue drawing the face lines. Then sketch the ear and the mouth, nose and eyebrows with the help of the guidelines made in the previous step. Draw another guideline in order to make sure the eyes will be placed on the same level.

    Step 3: Start drawing the eyes (more details will be added to them further on, so stick to the guide) and neck lines. Draw a helping line for the hair and then concentrate on the fringe. You should make two almost identical parts on both sides of the face, like in the picture.

    Itachi drawing guide - steps 1-3

    Step 4: Continue drawing the rest of the hair and then add some details to the ear. Then go to Itachi’s body and draw its shoulders.

    Step 5: Now erase all the guidelines drawn before and focus on the eyes. Add some details on them exactly like in the 5th picture and draw the mark on Itachi’s head protector.

    Step 6: Finish the eyes and add details to the face, along with the required shadows.

    Itachi drawing guide - steps 4-6

    Step 7: In the next steps we are going to focus on Itachi’s cloak, so make a guideline that should come over his nose and down to the shoulders, like in the 7th picture.

    Step 8: Itachi wears his cloak closed or opened, but in this guide we are going to make it opened so you can see all the face elements drawn before. That’s why you should sketch some guidelines for the opening now.

    Step 9: In this final step, you will have to erase all the lines beneath the cloak and add some extra shadows and details to it. That’s it.

    Itachi drawing guide - steps 7-9

    This guide was brought to you thanks to TooTaa18. I hope you enjoyed it and really learned how to draw Itachi Uchiha, the bad guy, from it.