Orochimaru is the bad guy in the Naruto anime series. And we are going to learn how to draw him, the evil one.

    But first, the info. Orochimaru is the true villain face from Naruto. Being compared with Darth Vader for his character and attitude, Orochimaru is another one of the legendary ninjas of the leaf country. He was trained by the Third Hokage himself, until he left the village after being denied becoming the next Hokage. He then taught himself a lot of forbidden Jutsu’s, one of which he uses to make himself immortal by migrating between different bodies. (more info) He tries to take Sasuke’s body for himself, but is defeated in combat by him. His special abilities are "Summoning No Jutsu" and "Cursed Seal".

    How to draw Orochimaru

    Now, that we know who Orochimaru is, let’s get drawing. We have a couple of videos that will take you from the dummy level to the advanced one. Just pay attention and prepare your pen and pencil.

    Video 1 – How to draw Orochimaru for dummies

    Video 2 – Draw Orochimaru in a couple of simple steps

    Video 3 – Orochimaru, the true vilain