Since you learned a couple of days ago to draw manga eyes, i thought it will be a good idea to continue those manga drawings lessons. Today, with a couple of guides showing you how to draw manga hair, for boys and girls both.

    Drawing manga hair is not easy at all, as you might have noticed that most of the characters from manga/anime series have quite funky hairstyles. But once again, we have here today a couple of thorough videos from the master himself, Mark Crilley, showing you step by step what you need to know when drawing a boy’s or a girl’s manga hair.

    How to draw manga hair

    Of course, hundreds and hundreds of hours spent in front of the drawing board will be needed before you will be able to do what he does, so.. what are you waiting for? Start practicing.

    But let’s take a look at these guides.

    How to draw managa hair: male and female

    How to draw managa hair in pencil

    I’m sure you’ve learned a lot from the videos above, but i’m going to add a couple of basic rules you should look for when drawing manga hair:

    Draw hair for a male manga character:

    • a manga male chracter usually has wavy or spiky hair
    • Use a circular guideline to help you sketch the final hairstyle where it should be
    • Coordinate the hairstyle with the look of the face
    • Show spiky hair by drawing lines that come to a point, almost like a long triangle, all around the front of the face and head.

    Draw hair for a female manga character:

    • Use guidelines
    • Draw the outline of the hair first and then fill it with a few sparing lines for extra details
    • To show the effect of movement or wind, draw the hair off to the side of the head

    More details about this you can find here .

    If you think all these resources are not enough, then perhaps you should check out these books below made by some of the best manga drawing artist in the world. They are printed and distributed by Amazon and come for very good prices. Check them out below:

    That’s about it for today. There are lot’s of other ways for you to learn how to draw manga hair or manga characters in general, so make sure you stay tuned.