Learn to draw cartoon people

    Drawing cartoon people is not as hard as you might think once you get a couple of basic ideas. Why, you may ask? Because each people has the same symmetrical structure: body, face, arms, legs, etc . You have to learn first how to position these elements in order to reach a natural position for your character. And from there on, there’s just details. We’re going to teach you in this cartoon people drawing guide exactly that: tips on how to position body elements.

    As I’ve said, you need to start simply when approaching your cartoons, by sketching the outline for the body of your character. And there are two different approaches to do that.

    • the ovals method: like you can see in the picture bellow, try to sketch the body using oval shapes and try to make the position of the elements as natural as possible. Might not get it right from the first attempt, but you just have to keep practicing. 

    The oval shapes method


    • the sticks method: instead of ovals, you use sticks. This method works better when you need to give your character a certain pose or when you want to draw a special bone’s position. I also find it a lot easier to add details later on with this method, as i don’t get confused by too many guidelines. The picture below is a good example of this method.

     The sticks method

    Once you’ve managed to master these techniques, drawing cartoon characters will be easier. If you’re already experienced in drawing faces and clothes, it would be even easier. If not, you just have to keep trying.

    Of course, once you’ve reached a certain level you will be able to draw freely, without using any sketch lines. It might take you a while to get here and i don’t recommend trying this if you’re a beginner. But I’ll still show you a coupe of videos with how cartoon people can be drawn by pros. Check them out below.

    Draw a female cartoon character

    Draw clothing on cartoon people

    That’s about it for today. I know I’ve only covered the scratches of drawing cartoon people and cartoon characters, but stay tuned as we’ll have new posts on this subject too. We’ll talk about how to draw cartoon people faces, how to draw clothes, how to suggest age and other stuff like this. So don’t forget to subscribe to stay in touch with our cartoon drawing guides.