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About us

How to draw guide is a collection of free drawing lessons and drawing techniques.

We are trying to teach you how to draw lots of stuff, like anime, manga, cartoons, animals and so much more.

We have written courses with instructions and helping sketches. Also, lots of videos from the experts.

How can you learn? First, you need some will. Then, pencils, paper, a rubber, markers, etc. Then come our lessons. From the written courses you will read the instructions, and the pictures will help you visualize the drawing. Learning from videos is a little harder, as you have to watch the clip several times and then try to copy the technique. Using pauses and advancing in small steps is the solution here.

Of course, you won’t become a Picasso. You won’t even become a great drawer over night. It takes a lot of practice, motivation and hard work. But in the end, you will succeed. So, stay tuned.

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