learn how to draw children facesThere are a couples of tips for drawing children’s anime faces every manga/anime drawer should know. Of course, these are mainly pointed towards beginners, as I’m sure the advanced ones know them for a while.

    But here we go. You know that every face starts with a circle and a cross, that will help you position the elements. I’ve told you that over and over again. For a child though, this guideline should be as round as possible, oval heads being more suitable for grownups.

    What you might now have known is that the relationship of these elements will determine if your character is an adult or a child. Mostly, the vertical distance between the eyes and nose lines is the one that matters. As you can see in the picture bellow, there’s a great difference between a round and an oval head, and also between placing the eyes upper or lower on the face.

     Grown up vs children anime faces

    Next, when drawing a child you should make the eyes bigger than when drawing a grown up. Also, you should position them below the horizontal guideline that you sketched in the beginning. As you can see in the example, doing this will help your face resemble more one of a kid. 

    Grown up vs children anime faces

    And last but not least, you should be careful when drawing the nose: for a child, the nose is very thin,  almost indistinguishable.

    That’s about it. Some of the pictures and tips used in this guide came from here. Anyway, if you have other interesting tips for drawing children faces, don’t be a bugger and please share them with us, will you?