Drawing graffiti is very tricky. At first, you’ll sucks badly at this and everyone will laugh of your creations, but in time, with lots of practice, you may end up to be a great artist. Cause yes, graffiti drawing is an art. And we’re not talking about graffiti on walls or train cars, we’re talking about legal stuff drawn on paper, with pencils.

    Like i said, it will be very hard for you to become a skilled graffer, but if you plan to start on this road, there are a couple of things you might need to know about drawing graffiti that will come in handy.

    First, there are 3 approaches for drawing a graffiti:

    • the easy one: Draw your text in stick letters with wide spaces around them. Then draw a contour around these letters in order to make them look more funky. Then fill it in and color it.
    • The moderate one: Draw the outline of your word without sketching it first, letter by letter… Then fill it in and add effects.
    • The hard way: Sketch out your composition and add depth, shadows and effects while progressing.

    For the beginners, i recommend using as many helping sketches as possible. And, here are the basic steps a beginner should take:

    • First, familiarize yourself with graffiti styles by watching and studying as many compositions you can find out.
    • Then, sketch on a piece of paper the word you plan to draw. Start with something simple, like your name.
    • Think about the style you are going to use and decide on one, like bubble letters for example.
    • Outline the letters you sketched before and try to match the style you chose.
    • Be creative, exagerate letters and don’t draw mathematicaly. Graffiti is an art not an exact science.
    • Add shadows and depth to your text in order to give it a nice 3D look.
    • Blacken your lines with a marker and erase all the unnecesary parts.
    • Add color and more details as you think they fit best.
    • Start over and over and over, Keep practicing and try drawing more difficult models every week.

    In the end, you may end up drawing graffiti like the guy in this clip bellow does:

    That’s about it, but stay tunned cause there will be other graffiti drawing lessons here in the near future. Cause we’re really trying to teach you how to draw graffiti. Thus, if you have any questions or demands, just leave your request in a comment and we’ll try to help you.