Flames are very very hard to draw, especially if you want them to look as good as they should (as in reality). So, since this is a difficult job, we thought we’ll have a couple of guides on how to draw normal flames, Celtic, hot-road or thugs flames, etc . And we’ll start today with a couple of video guides that should really help you make an idea on how to sketch fire.

    Learn to draw real flames - video guides

    The first one is pretty thorough, so be sure you’ll watch it carefully, as it explains very well how you should hand draw a fire . It treats aspects like shape, layers, rebel flames, etc. So, just watch it (the clip bellow) .

    The second one is an easy guide on drawing flames, including a couple of tips on hot to draw hot-rod and tribal flames.

    And the third one is a speed drawing video with graffiti letter on fire. Pretty pretty cool, but kind of complicated too.

    All these should have helped you get started on drawing fire and flames. In the next episodes well teach you how to draw tribal flames, we’ll have some step by step guides, we’ll show you how to draw skulls on fire and lots of others. So stay tuned, we plan to make you the best at drawing flames 😉 .