Learn to draw this fishI’m going to show you how to draw a cartoon fish, today. There is a very simple way that you can use to create a nice looking character, just like the one in this illustration. All you have to do is follow this quick 4 step guide on how to draw a cartoon fish.

    These simple set of images(as examples) and instructions will teach you how you can go from basic geometrical shapes, like squares and triangles, to a very lively tropical fish. So, here we go:

    Draw a fish - step 1

    Step 1: First of all, draw a square and don’t worry about getting it perfectly straight. Then draw two triangles, one on each side of your square, to sketch a fish shape and the give it a tail, by drawing one more triangle, as the tail.

    Draw a fish - step 2


     Step 2: Give your fish the possibility to swim drawing some fins, one for the upper part, one for the lower part and one in the middle of the initial square. Now draw an eye and a heart-shaped mouth, as seen here.

    Draw a fish - step 3


    Step 3: This step is the easiest yet(imagine that!) as it gives you the creative hand. All you have to do is draw some wavy lines up and down your new pet fish. Do this in any way you like.

    Draw a fish - step 4


     Step 4: Now it’s time for a few finishing touches. You will need to erase the corners of your triangles, square and fins, as well as the extra lines, so that the parts of the body fit together. Give your fish a chance to actually swim in the ocean!

    I choose to color our fish in blue and yellow, but there are lots of other color schemes you can use to bring live to your new drawing. Do so and that’s a wrap!

    The images used in this 4 step guide on how to draw a cartoon fish were originally posted here. Now, let’s watch a few videos and see how they can help us draw a better cartoon fish.

    That’s about it for today. I hope you enjoyed our guide and really got an idea on how to draw a cartoon fish. Until next time: Happy drawing!