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Flames are very very hard to draw, especially if you want them to look as good as they should (as in reality). So, since this is a difficult job, we thought we’ll have a couple of guides on how to draw normal flames, Celtic, hot-road or thugs flames, etc . And we’ll start today with a couple of video guides that should really help you make an idea on how to sketch fire.

Learn to draw real flames - video guides

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Hello all. It’s now time to learn how to draw Spongebob with two step by step guides. One it’s pretty small and easy, with just 4 steps, while the other is more comprehensive, with 21 different steps. Both should help you learn the basics of drawing Spongebob and then you’ll just have to practice different hypostases, like the ones in the pictures bellow (from here)

 Learn to draw Spongebob
Learn to draw Spongebob with step by step guides

But let’s just get drawing and start with the easy guide.

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Learn to draw a catIt’s been a while since our last drawing guide, but now we’re back, and today we’ll learn together how to draw a cat. We’re going to focus more on cartoon cats, but drawing a real cat should be somehow similar.

We’re going to have a step by step guide first, and then a couple of videos, some for beginners and some for the more advanced drawers. So, in the end all these should help you draw a cat as you want it.

Now, there’s nothing much to say before we’ll move one, so let’s just get drawing that cat.

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Learn how to draw Batman

Learn to draw BatmanToday we’re going to learn how to draw the legendary hero from Gotham city: Batman himself. This might not be as easy as you think, as the Dark Knight is quite a difficult character to draw. But, in the end, hopefully your sketches will look like the one on the right (source). That would be great, ay?

Fist, we’re going to start with a step by step guide and then we’ll continue with a couple of videos. And in the end, stay tuned for the bonus.

But for now, get your paper and pencils ready and let’s draw!

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How to draw a dragon

We tried to put together a how to draw a dragon guide for quite a while, but we only managed to do it now. Cause, even though lots of people want to know how to draw dragons, there are quite a few quality guides online. That’s why in this post we’ll try to gather them together, by showing you a couple of step by step guides with pictures and then a couple of videos.

Our purpose for this post is to show beginners how to draw the basic elements of a dragonn and how to draw a couple of head stances. We’re also working on a more detailed guide where we’ll give tips to the advanced drawers, but that’s yet to be finished now. Will be available in a couple of weeks though, so stay tuned.

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How to draw a cute puppy

Learn to draw a puppyWe all love puppies, don’t we? That’s why today I’ve put up together a small guide on how to draw puppies. We’re going to have a step by step lesson and then a couple of videos.  All of them should teach you at least the basics of drawing a little puppy.

We also had before another lesson on how to draw a cartoon dog, perhaps you would want to check that out too.

That being said, enough with the small talk; get your paper and pencil ready and let’s get drawing. Do you see the big puppy picture bellow? That’s what you’re going to learn in the step by step guide.

This is the puppy you're going to learn to draw

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Learn to draw cartoon people

Drawing cartoon people is not as hard as you might think once you get a couple of basic ideas. Why, you may ask? Because each people has the same symmetrical structure: body, face, arms, legs, etc . You have to learn first how to position these elements in order to reach a natural position for your character. And from there on, there’s just details. We’re going to teach you in this cartoon people drawing guide exactly that: tips on how to position body elements.

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How to draw a heart

There are many approaches to drawing a heart. And in this guide we’re going to show you a couple of them, with pictures, examples and videos. So, please keep reading if you really want to know how to draw a heart.

Learn to draw a heart

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Every boy wants to know how to draw cars. We have an entire category that shows you how to draw cars, here on this site. But it was kind of neglected later, so that’s why today we’re going to teach you how to draw a couple of cool cars. And we’re going to show you where you can post your drawings, where you could find a good book that will teach you great car drawing techniques and some other stuff too.

Learn to draw cars

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Learn how to draw TinkerbellToday we’re going to learn a little about how to draw Tinkerbell, the most famous fairy of all times. Being known from Disney’s Peter Pan animated movie, Tinkerbell has become one of the most beloved Disney characters. And since kids love it, they also want to know how to draw Tinkerbell. And that’s what we’re going to teach you here.

We have a couple of videos later on, but first, a step by step guide with pictures. So, get your tools ready (pencils, paper and stuff), get a good look on some Tinkerbell pictures just to get an idea of what we’re going to draw (in case you don’t know how Tinkerbell looks…) and let’s get started.

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