How to draw a dragon

    We tried to put together a how to draw a dragon guide for quite a while, but we only managed to do it now. Cause, even though lots of people want to know how to draw dragons, there are quite a few quality guides online. That’s why in this post we’ll try to gather them together, by showing you a couple of step by step guides with pictures and then a couple of videos.

    Our purpose for this post is to show beginners how to draw the basic elements of a dragonn and how to draw a couple of head stances. We’re also working on a more detailed guide where we’ll give tips to the advanced drawers, but that’s yet to be finished now. Will be available in a couple of weeks though, so stay tuned.

    But now, let’s get drawing. First we have a step by step guide on how to draw a dragon, thanks to Frozen on Deviantart. You can see it bellow (it’s quite a big picture so make sure you wait for it to load).

    How to draw a dragon

    And now another guide on how to draw dragon heads in different stances, thanks to Tarjcia.

    How to draw a dragon head

    I hope you could understand a couple of things about drawing dragons from the guides above. If not, perhaps you should also check out the videos bellow: the first one is for beginners and the second one presents a more advanced technique.

    Well, that’s about it for today. We’ve tried to gather a couple of guides and videos in this post so you could learn how to draw a dragon. And we hope you’ve managed that. Just don’t forget to keep practicing so that you’ll get better at it. 😉