There are many approaches to drawing a heart. And in this guide we’re going to show you a couple of them, with pictures, examples and videos. So, please keep reading if you really want to know how to draw a heart.

    Learn to draw a heart

    Draw a perfect shape with a coin + a ruler

    If you’re a perfectionist and wish to draw a perfect shaped heart on a piece of paper, you can use the coin and ruler method. With the help of a coin, you draw the two round parts of the heart and then draw the lower part. More about this subject here.

    Learn to draw a heart with a coin and ruler

    Draw a real heart

    A real biological heart might be a little harder to draw than you think. Below you can find a couple of models you could use for inspiration. Also, you can check out a biology book to see exactly how a biological heart should look. And only then start drawing.

    Learn to draw a real heart

    Make an Adobe Illustrator heart shape

    These days people tend to draw a lot with the help of computers and graphic software. That’s why we’re going to show you how to make an Adobe Illustrator custom heart shape. Just watch closely the next video and pay attention.

    Draw a heart on fire

    The heart motive has been used a lot lately on graffiti and tattoo art. One of the most common ways of showing hearts here is the heart on fire, surrounded by flames. In the video below you can get an idea on how to draw such a heart surrounded by fire.

    And more hearts

    And finally another video just about how to draw several types of hearts.

    That’s about it for today. But stay tuned for our future post about drawing hearts, when we’re going to show you how to draw a broken heart, graffiti tattoos, heart models and a couple of other themes with hearts.