Every boy wants to know how to draw cars. We have an entire category that shows you how to draw cars, here on this site. But it was kind of neglected later, so that’s why today we’re going to teach you how to draw a couple of cool cars. And we’re going to show you where you can post your drawings, where you could find a good book that will teach you great car drawing techniques and some other stuff too.

    Learn to draw cars

    But first, we have our usual step by step drawing guide. It’s about cars, of course, and you’re going to learn how to draw the car in the picture below. You might have never heard about it, but it’s called a Dacia. Looks pretty cool, don’t you think?

    Draw car - step by step guide - step 1

    First steps: Now that you know what to draw, we’re going to start from the right part of the car, by sketching the wheels and the floor line. Tighten those lines once you’ve decided the length of your car and then advance to sketching the body: draw the trunk, side-windows and the top by using guidelines like in the picture. They will help you draw a well proportioned car in the end.

    Draw car - step by step guide - step 2

    Advancing: Draw the hood and then focus on the front part of the car: draw lights, front grid and bumpers. Now, you car’s basic lines are sketched. All you have to do is go back to every element and add details, like tires and rims to the wheels, what you can see inside the car, stickers on the doors and many others. In the end, you should get something like in the picture from the beginning of this guide.

    Draw car - step by step guide - step 3

    This guide (with the pictures from here ) was pretty basic, we admit that, but there’re more interesting things here. First, a nice video that will show you hot to draw a Hummer.

    As the videos says, there seems to be a great book that will teach you how to draw cars. Perhaps you should check it up right here.

    After you’ll get this book you’ll find new techniques, and with lots of practice, your cars should become better and better. In order to see what others have to say about your work, you could go to this site , where people upload their drawings with cars, and others rate them and comment. There are a couple of great sketches posted there, like the ones bellow.

    Learn to draw a Shelby

    Learn to draw a Camaro

    Learn to draw a Lambo

    In the end, we know there’s a lot more to drawing cars than it was posted in this mini guide. That’s why you should also check the How to draw cars category here in this site, and stay tuned for the incoming lessons and tips about drawing cars.