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Today we are going to learn how to draw a cartoon pig, just like the one shown in the image bellow. I will show you a really simple way to draw our pink friend, so don’t worry if it seems too complex, it isn’t really.

Learn to draw this pig

In order for you to be able to show off your drawing talents with minimal efforts, I have prepared a quick 5 step how to draw a pig guide, illustrated with pictures. All you have to do is follow the red lines and before you know it,, you’ll have a nice pig, like the one shown here. Read the rest of this entry »

Leanr how to draw a frog

We are going to learn today how to draw cartoon frogs. Should not be that hard as all of you know how a frog should look: a green tiny thing with big eyes and skinny legs.

We’re going to have a quick 4 steps how to draw a frog guide, and then a couple of videos. So let’s start learning how to draw a frog. In this quick guide we’re going to learn how to draw our frog step by step. The red lines represent the things you have to draw on each current step, while the grey ones are were drawn before. That’s only to make this how to draw a frog guide easier for you to understand.

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For the first time on this blog, we are not making a post that should teach you something. No, this is just a post with lots of pictures and videos of Mickey Mouse and his friends: Pluto, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and all the others.

Why are we making such a post?  Because we liked those Disney characters so much when we were kids, and since Mickey is immortal, we know kids still like them nowadays too. So, we thought it would be a great idea to put some smiles on their faces.

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How to draw manga hair

Since you learned a couple of days ago to draw manga eyes, i thought it will be a good idea to continue those manga drawings lessons. Today, with a couple of guides showing you how to draw manga hair, for boys and girls both.

Drawing manga hair is not easy at all, as you might have noticed that most of the characters from manga/anime series have quite funky hairstyles. But once again, we have here today a couple of thorough videos from the master himself, Mark Crilley, showing you step by step what you need to know when drawing a boy’s or a girl’s manga hair.

How to draw manga hair

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How to draw a rose

Now that summer is finally here, i believe it’s time to learn how to draw some flowers too. And we are going to start with a bunch of videos showing you how to draw a rose. And then we’ll focus on other flowers too.

But first, a couple of pictures with red and yellow roses, just to find your inspiration before seeing how to draw a rose.

Learn to draw a rose 
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How to draw manga eyes

Draw manga eyes

Back to drawing manga and anime. And today we’re going how to draw probably the most important part of a manga character, the eyes. And, in order to learn how to draw manga eyes, we’re going to have first a vast collection of manga eyes so that you can choose some of the ones you like. You can even try to copy them by your own and adapt them to your manga character.

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Mickey Mouse was my favourite cartoon character back when i was a kid. I had lots of magazines with him and i used to try to draw Mickey for hours, but it never seemed to get just as i wanted. I’m sure you try to draw it too, that’s why I’ve put together a couple o guides that should teach you how to draw Mickey Mouse in no time.

First, we have a 12 steps pretty comprehensive guide. Pictures in this guide came from here. So let’s get started:

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Donald DuckIt’s now time to start a new series of drawing guides, with Disney characters in the spotlights. And today it’s time for yours truly: Donald Duck. That’s right, we are going to learn how to draw Donald Duck.

Donald lives in Duckburg with his nephews, Louie, Dewey and Huey. He appears in contact with other Disney characters: uncle Scrooge, Daisy, Grandma Duck and others. His fiery temper gets him in lots of trouble and funny situations, but he always tries to fight his way out of them.  He never succeeds though…

Now, before starting the guides, we must add that Donald always wears a blue sailor suit and a tiny cap on his head.

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Learn to draw master Yoda

Yoda, the nine hundred years old Jedi Master from Star Wars, is one of the most loved characters of the series. That’s why today we are going to find out how to draw Yoda. But first, a couple of words about him. 

Draw master Yoda

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Draw the mighty wolfWolfs are so fierce and cool animals that I’m sure lots of you want to know how to draw them, right?

That’s why we have here a 6 steps quick tutorial that should help you draw a wolf’s head. But we’ll be working on another tutorial soon enough to show you how an entire wolf should be sketched, so be sure to stay tuned.

For now, let’s just jump to the guide.

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