Mickey Mouse was my favourite cartoon character back when i was a kid. I had lots of magazines with him and i used to try to draw Mickey for hours, but it never seemed to get just as i wanted. I’m sure you try to draw it too, that’s why I’ve put together a couple o guides that should teach you how to draw Mickey Mouse in no time.

    First, we have a 12 steps pretty comprehensive guide. Pictures in this guide came from here. So let’s get started:

    Step 1: Start by drawing a big circle for Mickey’s head. Also sketch a guideline to help you place the eyes later on.

    Step 2: Sketch guidelines for Mickey’s ears like in picture number 2 and a smaller circle for his face.

    Step 3: Using the guidelines from step number two, draw the ears. On top of the smaller circle draw an even smaller one that represents your character’s nose. Sketch Mickey’s body.

    Step 4: Using the guideline from the first step, draw the eyes. Down the body, sketch a line that will help you position the legs proportionally later on.

    Step 5: Draw Mickey’s arms like in picture number 5.

    Step 6: Draw the lines that limit Mickey’s face and continue the guideline drawn down the body further on. Draw a small circle on top of the left hand, that will help you sketch the hand.

    Step 7: Sketch Mickey’s legs using the guideline from step 6.

    Step 8: Sketch the fingers on Mickey’s left hand and his mouth.

    Step 9: Complete the left hand and then work on you character’s shoes. They should look like in picture number 9.

    Step 10: It’s not time to focus on Mickey’s clothes. Draw some helping lines that will guide you in drawing the pants and shirt later.

    Step 11: Complete the shirt and the pants like in picture 11.

    Step 12: Now erase the helping lines drawn in the previous steps and add some shadows to your sketch. That’s about it. Your Mickey should look like in picture number 12. If it doesn’t, don’t despair. Practice make better, so follow this guide over and over again till you make it right.

    And a little bonus: the above drawn Mickey Mouse in a bigger version. All you have to do is download the picture, print it and you get a perfect Mickey Mouse coloring page.

    Also, here’s a little video showing you how a pro draws a pretty nice picture of Mickey Mouse.

    That about it for today. But since Mickey Mouse is so popular, we’ll try to post some other guides to help you draw Mickey Mouse in the future. So stay tuned.