Donald DuckIt’s now time to start a new series of drawing guides, with Disney characters in the spotlights. And today it’s time for yours truly: Donald Duck. That’s right, we are going to learn how to draw Donald Duck.

    Donald lives in Duckburg with his nephews, Louie, Dewey and Huey. He appears in contact with other Disney characters: uncle Scrooge, Daisy, Grandma Duck and others. His fiery temper gets him in lots of trouble and funny situations, but he always tries to fight his way out of them.  He never succeeds though…

    Now, before starting the guides, we must add that Donald always wears a blue sailor suit and a tiny cap on his head.

    OK, get your pen and paper ready cause we’re starting. First we have a 4 steps guide (from here) and then some videos from the pros.

    Learn to draw Donald in 4 steps:

    Step 1: Start by sketching a circle with a cross inside. These will act as guidelines for Donald’s face elements. Now draw his eyes like in the picture. Draw Donald’s upper and the lower bill that curves beneath the circle. Don’t forget his tongue. Sketch the eyebrows and the rest of his head.

    Step 2: Since we are only drawing Donald’s head in this guide, the hardest elements were contained in the first step. Now we have to draw his cap like in the second picture. Also, don’t forget the caps back ribbon.

    Step 3: Now it’s time to erase all the helping lines

    Step 4: Finally, add some colours to your sketch. Et voila, you Donald is ready.

    How to draw Donald in 4 steps

    And the Donald Duck drawing guide video, bellow:

    That’s about it. Hope you’ve learned a little bit about drawing Donald. And stay tuned, cause more guides with Mickey, Daisy,  Goofy and other Disney characters will come.