Step 1:

    Start by drawing an tall thin oval like shape like in sample 1.  This will be our guide and our flames will be worked on the inside of it.  Sample 2 shows how the flames can be added.  Just add a few squiggles like I’ve done here in sample 2 but make sure they start at the bottom and work upwards.

    Step 2:

    Now start to double up your lines like in sample 3.  As you can see in sample 4 the squiggles are starting to look more like flames.

    Step 3:

    Once your happy with your flames erase the oval guide and all unwanted marks.  Then go over it with a fine line pen or darker pencil and start to add color.

    Step 4:

    A good tip when coloring is to make the tips of the flames yellow and the very bottom of the flames red.