Start by sketching a letter M shape and an upside down V shape, like shown below.

    Step 2:

    The shape of an angel wing is almost tear drop shape so you now want to create this shape like below.


    Step 3:

    Decide which shape to use, (the M or upside down V shape)  I chose to work with the  M shape.   So now that we have our basic template down we can start to work into it and create the actual shape and add feathers e.t.c   Notice I’ve added two additional lines in sample 5 and sample 6 shows two dark lines.  The dark lines indicate the fold in the wings.


    Step 4:

    Now your ready to add feathers and erase all unwanted marks.  Note:  The feathers towards the bottom are always much longer than the rest.


    Step 5:

    Now shade them in.  (see below)