Step 1:

    Before we add detail we need to understand how a koi fish is made up.  Sample 1 below shows a general guide to start you off with.  Once you have this guide down your ready to start adding detail.

    Step 2:

    Now start to add extra details like the scales, eye and feelers like in sample 3.  Once happy with your drawing erase the guide.

    Step 3:

    Sample 5 shows the koi fish drawn in fine line pen.  I always prefer to use pen for the outline but you can use a darker pencil if you wish.  In sample 6 I’ve started to add some shading.

    Step 4:

    Koi fish are very colorful but for this guide I chose to use black and grey.  So feel free to add lots of color to your fish if you wish. Have fun with it!